When it comes to working around the house, shop or yard, having the right tool at the right time is important.  But even with the right equipment, it's often the need for a certain size screw, nut or bolt that sends the handy homeowner out to the hardware store.  That's where New London residents can depend on us.  Here we have an excellent selection of screws, nuts, bolts and fasteners in both standard, galvanized and stainless steel.  We also have the tools you need and a complete selection of everything you might expect from your local hardware store.  Adhesives, paint, plumbing and electrical supplies are all in stock with good selection.  Of course we also offer great deals on cleaning supplies, yard and garden equipment and products for your home, shop or office.  
Need a new ladder, paint roller, drain cleaner, light bulb or garbage can?  How about getting a key cut?  Your local hardware store has it and all at the competitive price you would expect from a national hardware chain.  Once again New London has a "Go TO" place for the products, service and knowledgeable sales staff one would expect from a hardware store.  A place where local needs are considered when stocking the shelves and where each and every person has a sense of pride in what they bring to the community.  THAT'S New London Building Supply.